Facilitator: Dr. Larry Harris

Dates: Begins September 27, 2022


In this study, you will embark on a journey into apologetics through the eyes of color. The first lesson will help you with Bible study basics. The Bible is our guide and it’s important that we know how to handle it correctly. The second lesson will explore black figures in the bible. This helps us as black people to see ourselves in the faith that we hold near and dear to our identity. The third lesson will explore early African Christianity. The connection between black people and Christianity did not start in the era of slavery and it’s important that we know our history to engage those who think it does. The next lesson will be focusing on black Christians in America and their contributions to the black church. The fifth lesson will provide some helpful tools to address black cults like the Nation of Islam and Hebrew Israelites. The final lesson will address several places of contention within the Bible that are hard to understand and may raise eyebrows. We want to give you some helpful tools to address some of those challenging passages, including those concerning women and slavery.

Course Format:

Zoom Meeting format. This will include a facilitated lesson, which will allow for interactive discussion with the members during the session. Based upon the comfortability of the participants, we will either live stream the session or set it up to prerecord, and then load the sessions into Facebook and YouTube. 

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