Teams & Committees

Be enthusiastic to serve the Lord, keeping your passion toward Him boiling hot!  Radiate with the glow of the Holy Spirit and let Him fill you with excitement as you serve Him.

Romans 12:11 TPT

Being a member of Shiloh means more than being a part of a social group, it means living your life for Christ in community with other believers.  It requires us to serve the Lord by serving one another.  We are a church that is saved to serve, and we are called upon to serve with great enthusiasm and joy.  Therefore, we invite you to find your place to serve.  We know that you will not be fulfilled until you are connected in meaningful ways doing the very thing that God designed you to do for the sake of the kingdom.  Take this opportunity to prayerfully consider how you can begin serving God and making a difference in the kingdom today.  

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  • The Communications Team seeks to tell the church’s story inside and outside the church and assist other church teams and committees in ways to do so. Our services include proofreading, text editing, photo sharing, developing strategy, and other ways to be part of our online and printed communications to the congregation, community, and beyond. 

  • The purpose of the HCT is to provide direction and decision making for employee policies, operational processes, compensation and benefits, legal compliance, performance management and staff training for employees and volunteers of the Shiloh Church-Garland.


    The mission of the Human Capital Team is to ensure church employees have the training and tools to perform their job, are held accountable for achieving goals, and are compensated appropriately for their efforts.

  • The Strategic Planning Committee is responsible for working with the senior pastor in developing and maintaining a 5- to 10-year strategic plan to carry out the congregation approved mission and vision of the Shiloh Church. This committee is responsible for soliciting and analyzing information from the congregation in order to develop and implement future-oriented planning.  They are to provide recommendations and guidance on Shiloh’s mission, ministry and infrastructure for the future. 

  • The Administrative Team will assist the pastoral staff and deacons by providing administrative support for the pastor and deacon chair to make sure all correspondence, reports, appointments, and calendar items are handled in a timely and efficient manner that reflects will on the church and Christ.  This does require certain technical, organizational, social, and time management skills.

  • This team is responsible for identifying facility update needs, and planning for future beautification projects.  The team should meet monthly and discuss strategy for improvements to our aesthetics of our campus.

    The Beautification Team meets with the church finance team to ensure resources are available when needed or to strategize how to raise the funds to complete projects that have been reviewed by the senior pastor and approved by the church membership where appropriate.

  • The Church Anniversary Committee is responsible for planning the annual celebration and theme for the church’s birthday.  This team will work with the pastoral staff, worship staff, and finance team to plan a spirit-filled, family oriented, slate of activities that honors the legacy of the founders and brings glory to God.  The senior pastor selects all speakers since it is his responsibility to fill the pulpit.

  • The Pastor’s Anniversary Committee is responsible for planning the annual celebration for the pastor and his family.  This committee is responsible for the theme and activities of the celebration.  The worship service should be spirit-filled and God honoring while paying respect to the pastor and family for their sacrifice and service.  The senior pastor selects all speakers since it is his responsibility to fill the pulpit.

  • Because the vision of Shiloh is bigger than the budget, we need skilled, dedicated individuals who will bring their talents together to create opportunities for us to reach those goals that are beyond our financial capacity.  This team will be responsible for identifying and outlining opportunities for the church to raise additional funds by finding and applying for micro-grants, multi-year grants, identifying corporate sponsorships, and outlining other methods to raise capital to achieve the vision.

  • The Christian Education Team will be a ministry that drives learning, deepens faith, and wrestles with the relationship between God’s Word and our world so that the disciples of Shiloh Church-Garland can live as followers of Jesus at home, at work, and in our community. The Christian Education Team offers diverse and provocative classes, workshops, small groups, and presentations that are attuned to the issues facing our community and the world. Our classes and events push members and friends of Shiloh Garland to engage with one another, stretch our expectations, and model our lives after the life of Christ. 

  • The Scholarship Committee of Shiloh Garland is responsible for creating opportunities to raise funds to supply graduates with scholarships to advance their education.  They are empowered to build up a restricted account of funds that are awarded to every graduating high school senior who desires to further their education at a two-year, four-year, or trade school.  The amounts and frequency of aid will be determined by the committee based on input from pastoral and deacon leadership of Shiloh.

  • The Social Action Team will serve as the social conscience of the Shiloh Church-Garland and respond to current social issues with action that impacts our community at large and inform the congregation about opportunities for action.  They will be responsible for representing our position on matters relevant to the membership and community that we serve within the city.  They will build and maintain relationships with elected officials, community leaders and influencers, as well as participate in activities that gives us influence in the community whenever possible.

  • Shiloh Church-Garland desires to empower women to be the best version of themselves and they are empowered to reach the God-given potential.  Shiloh Garland wishes to provide unique opportunities for growth and maturity throughout the year but also place special emphasis on women every October through a series of conferences, special worship events, and fellowship activities.

  • Shiloh Church-Garland endeavors to be a church that supports and embraces men.  We want to build up men to be exceptional husbands, fathers, entrepreneurs, employees, neighbors, and most importantly, followers of Jesus Christ.  Each year, Shiloh Garland will place emphasis on men through a series of fellowship activities and special worship services that empowers men.

  • This team works with the Deacon Ministry and Pastoral staff to send flowers, letters of comfort, resolutions, greeting cards, or other appropriate responses to family members of hospitalized or deceased members.  

  • The Safety and Security Team is responsible for ensuring the church provides a safe environment for visitors and employees.  Members of this team must participate in regular training and be a licensed firearm carrier.  Must be disciplined and willing to follow written and verbal instructions. Current or former Law Enforcement or military is a plus.

    This is done by providing surveillance for potentially dangerous activities by visitors, employees, and volunteers.